Joe Ciaramitaro:

Joe Ciaramitaro was raised in a family with strong practical work ethics and a long line of family and business entrepreneurs.

He began his formal training studying towards a Business Law degree.  Along the way he discovered a much greater need evolving in the niche’ business of consulting to a new competitive dynamic in healthcare for Physicians and Hospitals survivorship interests.

Joe developed a consultative network guiding them through the development and marketing of their practices and hospitals competitive recognition processes, to their greater advantage, foreign to their profession at that time.

The gloves came off and the business of healthcare was ready to compete in uncharted waters for its time. His business served that need.

Because of his cumulative years’ experience, Joe was recruited with great veracity to change careers to join a successful family business in Executive, Technical and Clinical Healthcare Recruitment. Joe made the decision to sell his interests and join the family’s business and was awarded the position of specialty Director of Healthcare Recruiting Consulting Services within the Firm, Corporate Search Consultants.

Leveraging his previous career experience, Joe’s hard work and dedication to his clients earned the position of Managing Partner with the firm and in 1997 developed a special interest into the business and people of Oncology, serving the entire Cancer Services Line.

Today Joe brings a long line of success through his search and placement network of key professional and clinical Leadership for hundreds of the most recognized Corporate, Private Not-for-profit Provider Healthcare organizations in and outside of the US.

Joe’s work is designing winning search and placement processes, guaranteeing key critical human capital and hiring them. He has first hand witnessed, by finding and hiring the top % of the people in their field, the long term positive results to an organizational outcome will be. He and his associates own that role and responsibility as their own.

His foresight and dedication has brought to the Business of Oncology new people, new minds, and fresh thinking through the strategic engagement of a specialty recruiter for the short and long-term goals of both clients and candidates alike.

His contribution to Oncology of over 20+yrs. includes the invested interests into the people, networks and associations of ASTRO, SROA, ACCC, ACE, ACRO, SATRO, MGMA, AAPM, AAMD, AONE and numerous others…  

Joe within these and others has built a result driven recruiting practice firm, successfully matching up the right client with the right candidate to the benefit of the entire Oncology Services Profession and the Business that serves them, moving them toward their greater potential.


Nick Hernandez:

Nick Hernandez, MBA, FACHE is the founder and CEO of ABISA, based in the United States. ABISA is a global healthcare consultancy specializing in healthcare strategy and physician engagement, global oncology initiatives, and strategic telehealth initiatives. ABISA can help devise and implement the strategies and processes that will allow organizations to remain competitive and solvent. The company’s client list includes physician groups, hospital systems, healthcare IT organizations, venture capitalists, and private equity investment groups.

Nick has extensive knowledge on matters surrounding the business of oncology and has a long history of working with oncology practices. He has consulted with clients in multiple countries and has over 20 years of leadership and operations experience. He is Board Certified in Healthcare Management and has been named a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives.


Michele Krohn

Working as one of the original marketers for the BayCare Health System in Florida, Michele noticed that physicians were desperately seeking ways to grow their practices. Combining her education in Marketing from the University of South Florida with her extensive healthcare experience, Michele established Full Circle PR in 2007 to meet physicians’ needs. Since then, Full Circle has grown to assist hundreds of medical practices across the nation. Michele utilizes her unique combination of skills to ensure that Full Circle’s clients get results that consistently meet their practices’ goals. She is an active and positive influence on the community, participating in numerous local organizations. As a mother of two, she continually inspires her family and her Full Circle team to live conscious, well-balanced lives.